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I am a Body Control Pilates certified teacher and qualified to Level 3 to teach matwork, equipment (Reformer, Cadillac and the Wunda chair). I am also a qualified Back4Good practitioner where I specialise as a chronic lower back pain specialist (Level 4) and I am able to accept medical referrals for patients. I am also included on the Register of Exercise Professionals as a Level 3 Advanced Practitioner. I discovered the benefits of Pilates through a sports injury and coming from a dance background I gained a strength and support in my body which enabled me to continue my activities pain free which inspired me to train with Body Control Pilates as a teacher. I choose to train with Body Control Pilates in 2006 as they train you to be a movement teacher and their method looks to restore optimal movement patterns and postures of the body, leading to less muscle tension, joint strain and discomfort.

About Pilates

I offer intelligent exercise for all round fitness and health from the perspective of conscious exercise and movement re-education. This means paying full attention with your mind and body while you are exercising.

My intention is that you get the most benefit from your movement practices, and develop a more intelligent and balanced body. Based on the teaching of Joseph Pilates, this complete system of exercise will create a balance of both strength and mobility, and promote coordination and awareness. It focuses the mind to work with the body. Involving full body participation, movements originate from the core of the body outward. Regular practice will help develop strength, stability, graceful and efficient movement and breath control. The body and mind becomes light, lifted and energised.

It is for everyone regardless of fitness levels and age. It is a safe form of exercise for those with back problems and perfect to compliment many of your sporting or recreational activities. The improved strength, mobility and balance that it provides benefits the active sports person or the casual exerciser as well as being successful for the treatment of chronic back problems or joint dysfunctions.

Jo's Pilates Classes

My matwork exercise classes are either in groups of 12 maximum, smaller private groups or individual attention. My classes offer the Body Control Pilates repertoire of controlled movements which challenge mind and body in terms of physical demand and movement skill. It is a movement exercise method that is learnt and performed slow so that we can improve accuracy and control, leading to a quiet strength rather than muscle bound, and to build greater flexibility and spinal comfort.

My classes aim to improve spinal mobilisation which reduces lower back pain, regain full joint mobility with self-help techniques, relaxation skills through breathing techniques and body awareness, building of core strength enhancing sport performance, improving balance, reducing stress and ensuring classes are fun, demanding and enjoyable. As a result of the thorough and ongoing training I am quickly able to spot faulty biomechanics and even in a group of 12 I am able to give individual attention to make important corrections. I offer challenging, fun classes for all levels and I can offer alternative exercises where needed.

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Jo Daley - Certified Body Control Pilates Teacher

The Body Control Pilates Association is the membership body for all teachers and is Europe’s largest professional Pilates body and it is unique in terms of the level of support that it gives its teaching members. The Association not only oversees standards and quality, but also promotes Body Control Pilates teacher contact details as well as representing their interests in relation to industry or government initiatives.

For further information on my teaching please refer to the Body Control Pilates website www.bodycontrolpilates.com.